Ithaca Real Estate

Community Builder Awards (2002)

These awards were presented in recognition of years of service to the community in both the public and private sectors.

Professional Design & Content Award (2003)

This award is given to web site developers who, after careful review, display a commitment to high design standards, content and usefulness, These standards must be maintained in order to continue possession of this award.

The Professional Design Award is based on the following standards:

Be a seasoned web site. We do not issue awards to new sites!
Provide business value, logically planned original content, smart navigation, accurate easy and concise language, and fast-loading graphics.
State a business purpose upfront.
Easy to find contact access for additional information, assistance, and/or placing orders. The site may have pre-made e-mail forms, but must also contain regular e-mail access.
Must be a non-Adult site and be related to law, real estate and the title industry.
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